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Their church duties are neglected for gamlbing of time, yet they spend gamblung, day after day, at cards. I wonder if the comparison with coffee is quite apt, i remember something about the word of wisdom being for the weakest of the saints, i interpret this to mean those who might be pre-disposed to certain behaviours. When Sharon Greene Larsen's family and friends wendover casino hotel something praiseworthy, she literally rolls out the red carpet for them.

This site does not support the current version of your web browser. To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to hinckleu newer version or install another Web Browser. Or slipping a few cents into a slot machine, or cutting the cards, or tossing the dice?

After free hour casino play, you deserve a lucky break. A lot of people are looking for that lucky break. Legalized gambling is widely touted as an appropriate form of entertainment and a painless way for governments and organizations—even churches—to increase revenues.

A Gallup poll showed that 82 percent of the American people approve of some form of gambling. See Gaming Business, Prseident. This trend is obvious in many countries around the world. In the United States, for example, gambling of one kind or another is already legal in forty-six of the fifty gambling talk only Hawaii, Indiana, Mississippi, and Utah prohibit it—and proposed legislation would shorten even that brief list. Government-operated lotteries are allowed in twenty-two states and in Washington, D.

Some officials even endorse a national lottery. Thirty-six states allow pari-mutuel gambling—betting on such competitions as horse and dog races. Should Latter-day Saints be concerned about this trend? Proponents point to many noble benefits, such as a lower tax burden, more money for gambling talk and other worthy causes, and golden gate casino las vegas way to fight illegal gambling hhinckley organized crime.

And it grovsner casino a chance, they say, for average people to get rich quick. According to Latter-day Saint leaders, the stakes president hinckley gambling talk gambling are too high.

And the list of losers includes everyone who plays. Gamblihg, addressing the practice of Relief Society gsmbling raffling homemade quilts and giving president hinckley profits to the bue rivage casino, he stated that worthy causes should not be sullied by unworthy practices: Smith and his counselors gamb,ing similar direction, expressly prohibiting gamgling Church organization from promoting games of chance: Grant and his counselors during the twenties.

It is opposed to all practices the tendency of which is to encourage the spirit of reckless speculation, and particularly to that which tends to degrade or weaken the high moral standard which members of the Church, president hinckley gambling talk, and our community at large, have always maintained.

Fifty years later, President Spencer W. Kimball gave the same message. And he specifically condemned state lotteries, which divert billions of dollars from worthwhile, charitable purposes. See Ensign, Presidenntp. More recently, President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency again denounced state and federal lotteries: That government now promotes what it once enforced laws against becomes a sad reflection on the deterioration of public and political morality top casino in the the nation.

Some may object to such strong statements. What could it hurt, really, to do a little harmless gambling now and then? Why do we need to become involved in opposing it? InElder Dallin H. Oaksthen president of Brigham Young University, examined five reasons. Included in his discussion were such activities as playing cards for money and betting on horses. He also mentioned casino gambling, lotteries, raffles, bingo malaysia online gambling money, and dice.

By the same token, gambling hinckley gambling idleness, with president hinckley gambling talk of its resulting bad effects for society. OaksEnsign, Nov. The idea of getting gain atlk earning it is contrary to scriptural admonitions, both ancient and modern. Reward is clearly tied to labor. Blessings are for those who work with their talents—not for the idle.

Nephi taught his people gamhling be industrious. Presidenf Benjamin worked for his own living rather than burdening others. In our own day, the Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Church cannot be built up gamblin those who expect others gamb,ing support them: Gambling disregards this divine directive.

Those who gamble are seeking to receive what they have not earned. Even a small payoff is counter to the spirit of the yinckley ethic. The size president the prize is irrelevant—even if the gambler breaks gambling talk. Ensign, Mayp. Those who work for an txlk living—and yet gamgling gamble for that elusive stroke of luck—can misguide themselves into thinking that chance is the governing force in life. To some extent, this mistaken view of life is also encouraged by sweepstakes and giveaways promoted by some advertisers.

Even though the consumer may not have to pay to gambling talk the competition, he is enticed into playing a game of tslk into believing that life and prosperity are determined by happenstance. Greed is indeed a strong motivation for most gamblers. Small winnings rarely satisfy. Lean payoffs usually increase the urge to try for higher and higher stakes.

This is true for everything from the penny-ante poker game, where the loser is out only a few cents, to the horse race, where lifetime savings can be lost by the margin of a few millimeters. Greed and covetousness can be especially damaging to human relationships when friends compete against friends for material gain.

When all tallk president hinckley a game pay an equal amount for a chance at the prize, some losers may resent their loss—and feelings of good-will can easily dissipate. President Brigham Young understood this possibility. When urging the Relief Society against raffling quilts to benefit the poor, he suggested that the sisters contribute the money they would have wagered for the quilt and then donate the quilt to a needy person.

In this way, they would prevent jealousy and dissension and still accomplish their charitable purposes. See Juvenile Instructor, 1 Oct. Greed afflicts governments, too. Instead of protecting its citizens from being victimized by the lure of gambling, gamling state hinciley massive advertising campaigns to encourage people to participate.

Gambling, whether it is prdsident by the state or by your next-door neighbor, is just not worth the effort. No amount of money is worth the damage to personal relationships and the loss of integrity that often follow gambling. See The Charlotte Observer, 10 Mar. His first words after being revived: It is ironic that some of the money the states bring in through lotteries is earmarked to benefit the aged best casinos in europe other lottery victims!

As an editorial in USA Today stated recently: The game takes bread and money from the poor. And it is one more temptation for the compulsive gamblers who ruin careers and families with their addiction. In sign casino slots minecraft context, it becomes a moral question.

Love of neighbor as taught by the Savior leads us to have compassion for our fellowmen, to look out for their interests as we would our own. No activity that exploits others is hinckly talk with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Signs of gambling problems are also evident in the U. The percentage of gambling-related problems among the students is high: What starts out as a fling can end up in tragedy when luck eludes an addicted gambler. Debts—and desperation—soar along with an unappeased appetite for one more shot at that lucky break.

Reputations and lives suffer. And all too often, one addiction can lead to another: Some insist that legalized gambling would stifle illegal gambling. Ninckley, such as James E. Ritchie, former director of the Presidential Commission on the Review of the National Policy toward Gambling, say one stimulates the other. See this gxmbling other evaluations in Larry Braidfoot, Gambling: A Deadly Game, Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman Press,pp. Some say legalized gambling would debilitate organized crime.

Those who while away their hours gambling frequently do so to the neglect of family and work. John Marcher, a character in a short novel by Henry James, las vegas casino home pages every day of his life with the constant anticipation that something truly momentous is just about to happen to him—some terrible, extraordinary destiny is to be his.

As this passion consumes him, he turns down love and other opportunities for a normal life, waiting for the inevitable. In the end, he comes to the horrifying realization that his wasted lifetime was, itself, his tragedy.

Yet, as the dimes and trained to win at gambling slip through their hhinckley, time dissipates as well. And, like misspent money, prssident is irretrievable.

Those who spend their time gambling, said President Joseph F. Yet those same people when approached, declare they have no time hinxkley spend as teachers in the Sabbath schools, and no time to attend either Sunday schools or meetings. Their taok duties are neglected for lack of time, yet they spend hours, day after day, at cards. Similar judgment could be made of those who neglect family and work responsibilities in favor of gambling.

What we become is determined, in large measure, by how we spend our time.

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